Rourke Road Bridge, Stoneham, QC

Client and Location: Quebec Ministry of Transport. Stoneham, QC

Project Value: 850 K$

Project Schedule: August 2011 to May 2012

Project description: Demolish and construct a new 22 meters (72 feet) bridge on Rourke road over Trois Petits Lacs River.

Works performed:

  • Demolition of existing bridge and installation of proper signaling to divert traffic;
  • Installation of a cofferdam to deviate the stream of Trois Petits Lacs river;
  • Construction of a temporary pedestrian bridge between the rivers banks;
  • Excavation, form and concrete of bridge footings, abutments, transition slabs, wheel, guards, etc.;
  • Installation of concrete bridge structure, asphalt, guardrails and road refurbishment at entry and exit of bridge.