Wood Pellet Silos, Port of Québec

Client and Location: Quebec Stevedoring. Port of Quebec, QC

Project Value: 30.0 M$

Project Schedule: October 2013 to December 2015

Project description: Build a wood pellets storage and ship loading facility. Two concrete silos with a capacity of 37,500 metric tons each and a ship loading system able to load 1600 metric tons per hour. Groupe Deric has won for that project the 2015 Industrial Award of the Quebec Reinforcing Steel Institute.

Works performed:

• Two (2) silos in projected concrete with a diameter of 48 meters and a capacity;
• One (1) railcars unloading facility, including site control room and silos conveying and loading systems;
• Dust collection and management system with a capacity of 44,500 CFM and equipped with a Nitrogen injection system to control wood pellet temperature and extinguish eventual fires;
• Tube type conveyors system to load silos at a rate of 550 metric tons per hour;
• Ship loading system on wheels with a capacity of 1600 metric tons per hour with parallel, perpendicular and radial movement capabilities and a telescopic loading tube of 10 meters;
• All electrical and automation works related to that project.